Customizing Leather Since 1976

Husband and wife team Steve and Marge Linneken have been hand-making leather goods and accessories in Phoenicia, NY for over 45 years. They're now so excited (and a little nervous) to share their products online for the very first time. It's luscious leathers meet Catskills rustic.

  • Our Story

    A love leather story for the ages. Learn how Marge and Steve Linnekin built their leather empire in the mountains of the Catskills.

  • Custom Leather Questions

    All of our products are 100% hand-made leather. We're sure you have lots of questions. Visit our FAQ page for more info.

  • Visit Us

    We're eager for you shop our online boutique but if you wanna keep it old skool visit our Phoenicia store for the full leather fantasy.